Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation

‚ÄčThe Church's catechetical mission aims to help the faithful of all ages to grow in both human and Christian maturity, enriching the whole of life with the leaven of the Gospel. Consequently, appropriate goals and content will embrace all the faith dimensions of an adult life—for example, understanding and communicating the faith, skills needed for personal growth, the experience of family life, relationships, public service, and concern for the common good.

Three major goals guide and direct efforts in adult faith formation:

  1. Invite and Enable Ongoing Conversion to Jesus in Holiness of Life.
  2. Promote and Support Active Membership in the Christian Community.
  3. Call and Prepare Adults to Act as Disciples in Mission to the World.

The Church and its adult faithful have a mission in and to the world: to share the message of Christ to renew and to transform the social and temporal order. This dual calling to evangelization and justice is integral to the identity of the lay faithful; all are called to it in baptism. Accordingly, faith formation seeks to help each adult believer become "more willing and able to be a Christian disciple in the world." As salt of the earth and light for the world (cf. Mt 5:13-16), adult disciples give witness to God's love and caring will so that, in the power of the Spirit, they renew the face of the earth.

—excerpted from Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us: A Pastoral Plan for Adult Faith Formation in the United States

For more information about Adult Faith Formation opportunities in your parish and diocese, please see below.

Parish Lenten Mission - "Adventure into the Interior Life" with Rose Sweet and Luke Spehar

Parish Lenten Mission


Rose Sweet

rose sweet

Saints Peter and Paul Parish Presents: 
Our Parish Lenten Mission/March 8, 9 & 10/school Café 

National Speaker and Author Rose Sweet 

~ Missions should call the people to return to Christ with all their hearts. Too often we forget the extravagant love of God and are distracted by the care of family, work, and the world. Drawing from Scripture, the Catechism, and her own journey, Rose Sweet will guide our parish on an "Adventure" into the interior. With her signature heart and humor, she'll take us where saints and mystics have gone—the interior life—to rediscover and remember the Love for which we were made. For a Lenten Mission, these talks will also tie into the suffering Jesus, endured for us and how our own suffering can help us DETACH (Talk 1) LOVE (Talk 2) and BE IN UNION WITH GOD (Talk 3). 

Night One ~ Happiness 
Sunday, March 8, 6:15-8:15 pm 

If the goal of the Christian life is to "live happily ever after," how can we find our fairy tale ending in an upside-down world? This talk is suited to teens and up and invites the parish to get in touch with the deepest desires of their hearts. To help us stay on track, Rose introduces the classic "Four Levels of Happiness" and practical steps to finding authentic joy—even when the world around you may be falling apart. Includes an introduction to Inordinate Attachments and Theology of the Body. 

Night Two ~ Relationships 
Monday, March 9, 6:15 - 8:15 pm 

Even Harvard proved it: what makes us most happy is a meaningful, safe, and loving relationship. Then why do they sometimes cause us so much disappointment and misery? To follow Christ, we are called to "Put our RELIGION into our RELATIONSHIPS," often a most difficult thing to do! But—looking to Christ and His interactions with others— Rose offers helpful ways of relating to and loving others rightly in "The Four Rules of Relationship." 

Night Three ~ Romance 
Tuesday, March 10, 6:15-8:15 pm 

Romance is the drawing of the heart into love, through beauty  and that is precisely what God intends for every soul. No matter if you're single, married, divorced, or religious, your heart was made for romance—in the widest and 
most eternal sense. This talk explores the powerful Scriptural imagery of the Bride and Bridegroom and what that means in every-day life. Rose reveals the "Seven Stages of Romance" as a way to understand the spiritual life. Introduction to the Spousal Analogy and the Mystical Marriage . . . with a surprise ending! 

Don't miss this three day spiritual event! 
Register online at or call Sandy Stasi and Linda Steinmiller at 410-822-6581.

"The Pilgrim's Way" - Luke Spehar

Luke Spehar

Sunday, March 8, 2020
4:30 - 5:45 pm
Free Concert
Parish Lenten Mission
SS. Peter & Paul School Cafe

Minors must be accompanied by parents or sponsors. For more information, please contact the Office of Christian Faith Formation at 410-822-6581 or Please note: Speaker Rose Sweet will be presenting "Adventure into the Interior Life" following at 6:15 pm.

The Dark Night


Join fellow parishioners on Thursday, Feb. 20th through Thursday, April 2nd @ Saints Peter and Paul School from 5:45 PM until 7:00 PM for a book study and prayer experience led by Ramon Gras, Adult Faith Formation Leader for Saints Peter and Paul Church.

Register online here: or contact Sandy Stasi at 410-822-6581 or 

Catholic Update

For Catholics who wish to re-connect and grow in your understanding of and appreciation for the Catholic Church, The Catholic Update is a practical and easy way to explore Catholic teaching and tradition. The Catholic Update is also a study developed to assist in the preparation of those adults seeking completion of their Sacraments of Initiation; Communion or Confirmation. Meeting on Wednesdays, once a month, Saints Peter and Paul Parish will offer a variety of speakers and content. Please register for each session you will be attending.

If you would like more information, please contact the Office of Christian Formation at 410-822-6591.

Women of Faith Bible Study

Women of Faith Bible Study

The mission of The Women of Faith Bible Study Group is the spiritual formation of women by fostering in them a greater desire to know, love, and serve God and His Church. As a community of women rooted in our Catholic faith, we offer opportunities to deepen our relationship with God, develop relationships with other women in order to support our spiritual growth, and manifest our love for God by serving His people.

We meet two Monday mornings a month from September until June.

Please contact Amy Schisler for more information at

33 Days to Merciful Love

Merciful Love
33 Days to Merciful Love, another of Father Michael Gaitley's inspiring retreats is coming to Saints Peter and Paul Parish this MARCH! Come and gather for 90-minute sessions which includes watching Fr. Gaitley delivers a 30-minute lecture, followed by discussion and refreshments as we journey with St. Therese of Lisieux to discover 33 Days to Merciful Love. 

Wednesdays starting March 4 until April 1, 2020
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm 
SSPP School Book: $15.00

The book can be ordered ahead of time online. To register contact Sandy Stasi or Linda Steinmiller at 410-822-6581 or online at