Music Ministry

Interested in sharing your talents? Here are several ways you can get involved!

  • Parish Adult Choir
  • Hispanic Music Ensemble
  • Children's Christmas Chorus
  • Cantor
  • Instrumentalist
  • Office Volunteer
  • CME (Contemporary Music Ensemble)
  • Group Leader
  • Concert Series Coordinator
  • Laudate A Cappella (future formation)

Adult Choir

Originally two separate choirs, The “Parish Adult Choir represents members from Saints Peter & Paul Church and our Mission Church of St. Michael. Choir members attend weekly rehearsals, and sing at Mass twice a month, as well as other liturgies throughout the year.

Choir Practice
Every Wednesday
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Saints Peter & Paul Church/Mission Church of St. Michael

First Sunday of each month at Saints Peter & Paul Church
Third Sunday of each Month at Mission Church of St. Michael
Both events begin at 10:30am

Other Liturgies
Thanksgiving Day Mass
Christmas Eve
Holy Week Services
Easter Virgil
First Holy Communion

Our choir participated in the Combined Choirs Concert in St. Michaels. Our choir performed two carols, “All is Well”, a contemporary Christmas piece, and “Wake From Your Sleep”, in the style and flavor of a medieval carol. Be sure to attend this spirited concert next December! It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the Birth of Jesus!

Christian Contemporary Music Ensemble

Organized by Krys Kozinski-Sansing with the help of Mary Jane Meintzer in the Winter of 2005, the parish’s contemporary music group was originally called, ‘Teen CME’. Parish youth, ages 13 to 18, have been the heart of this ensemble for many years. Due to recent adult interest, CME now welcomes singers and musicians of all ages.

CME Practice

Every Tuesday
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Saints Peter & Paul Church

Second and Fourth Sunday of the month at Saints Peter & Paul Church
Both events begin at 10:30am

Parish Choir at St. Joseph's Church

Members of St. Joseph's Mission Church Choir sing every Sunday at the Mission Church in Cordova, under the leadership of Shirley Boyle -
Rehearsals are scheduled several times throughout the year. The Mission Choir also joins the Parish Adult Choir to sing for special liturgies.

Weekend Mass Sung
Day: Sundays
Time: 8:00am

Hispanic Music Ministry Group

Under the leadership of Magda Kellum, the Hispanic Music Ministry Group practices and sings for Masses year round. Interested in singing for the Spanish Mass?
You may contact Magda Kellum at

Bilingual Services

The Parish Adult Choir and Hispanic Music Ministry Group join voices during Holy Week and for special celebrations as they arise. We truly enjoy singing together and appreciate each other for the musical gifts each one of us has to bring to liturgy. What a blessing it is to be able to sing God's praises together!

Parish Cantors

'Cantor' is from the word cantare (to sing), but the Hebrew word is 'hazzan' which requires the person to have great faith.

Being a cantor involves much more than standing up and singing alone. It involves making the assembly's prayer possible through song. It is important, however, that cantors have a good ear for music, and a basic knowledge of music in general.

​Cantors and musicians alike attend scheduled meetings between the months of September and June to review music for upcoming Masses.

Would you consider becoming a cantor at Saints Peter & Paul? Contact Krys Kozinski-Sansing at (410) 822-2344, ext. 8, or

Assistant Musicians

Saints Peter & Paul Church
Joanne Beemiller

Mission Church of St. Michael
Barbara Brady

Mission Church of St. Joseph
Shirley Boyle